We Innovate, Consult, Support, Promote and Invest in the best Clean Energy Solutions to protect our planet from Climate Change by reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.




CGLI was started in the early 90’s by Mr.Rangaswamy (father of Mr.Guganesan) to promote and commercialize his own inventions in Electronics and Mechanical sectors.


CGLI was incorporated on Feb 2017 into a Private limited (formerly proprietorship) company by Mr.Guganesan Rangaswamy (Founder & CEO) to operate as an ECO System and One-Stop for Innovators & Inventors.


We formed a global innovation team to provide the best and suitable solutions for climatic change and society welfare programs. We assure that the solution provided by us will be affordable and it will be a greater value for a lesser price.

In our Journey we made a strong working relationship with Major Government Authorities, Manufacturers, Investors, Venture Capital, Angel Investors, NGO’s, Medias, Event Organizers, Legal Advisors, Patent Attorneys all over ASIA. We are rapidly expanding our network globally.


Power (Electricity)

Akhatheeren Gear Train

We invented and implemented a highly efficient speed increase gear train for windmills, automotive, and various Industrial applications. We are in the process of making a self-sustainable power system using this gear train.

Athivega Battery Charger

We invented a virtual battery with snapshot energy transfer technique, which can greatly increase the efficiency of charging lead acid batteries faster.The charge time dropped from 8~10 hours to only 30-45 minutes.

Thermal/Heat Energy

Akhatheeren Thermal Energy (JV)

We are partnering with “SunGenSolar Pvt Ltd” in order to commercialize stable “Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST)” which will allow Industries to cut down their use of fossil fuels for thermal operations.

Funds Raised For Clean Energy projects

Solar power project in Ghana - $ 31 Million USD.
Waste to energy (WTE) project in Philippines -$131Million USD.
Solar Thermal Energy in INDIA - $10 Million USD (Series A).


We want to play a vital role in preserving our planet from further environmental degradation. To this end, we’ve joined hands with innovators, SME’s and venture capitalists to make sure the solutions we bring in as replacements for fossil fuels do not cause other negative impacts to the environment.