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❝ Socialize with Real People in Virtual World ❞

Grupo provides a replica of a real trade centre environment in a digital platform where the users can interact just the way they do in real trade shows via AVATARS.  CGLI is providing the preliminary version of this platform for free to NGO, Charity Institute and GOV bodies strictly for non-commercial usage.

For the commercial purpose we started the brand “ASGARD REBUILD PVT LTD“ and an exclusive membership program for event organizers. In our membership program, we license the platform to event organizers (who meets our eligibility criteria) for a one-time membership fee.


As part of our membership programme, we build systems to transform your traditional business into a whole new digital platform in a win-win basis without compromising your profit, privacy and data security.

Your win

  • Lifetime technology/feature upgrades/support for FREE.
  • No profit or data sharing.
  • Exclusive data storage and access for customers: The data is securely stored in your server and can be accessed by your team alone.
  • Transparent server charges with out any commissions or hidden charges

Our Win
An exclusive e-outlet area reserved for our promotions.


Increase Audience Reach

Increase your audience reach by eliminating physical barriers

Save Time & Money

Save your time and also money

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Significantly reduce CO2 emissions

Unique Experiences

Create unique experiences for your event attendees


Unlike all other E-stores, here we provide a store representative as an avatar and visitors can interact in Realtime to place B2B or B2C orders with the factory outlet price.
Engage your audience and do business on a more human level via interactive avatars with native chat and talk.
∗ Each user can have their personalized avatar with resembling their face.
∗ Avatars can perform actions such as walk, run, sit, raise a hand, wish (namaste, shake hands, wave hands).
∗ Avatars can have a private discussion and public discussion with one-one or one-many conversation options.
∗ Exchange business cards, Deliver and attend live presentations.
A Receptionist avatar will be available to interact in real-time with the visitors to handle queries and a quicker resolution is provided easily unlike any virtual chat or E-mail support
∗ We have two categories of Hall
  • Standard
    • Bronze booth – 20
  • Premium
    • Silver- 10
    • Gold-5
    • Platinum-2
    • Meeting rooms- 3
We have a keynote Theater for project/product launch and we have a feature for the presenter avatar to walk through it with visitor avatars. Visitor avatars can sit and listen to the session like they do in real trade centers and can raise their hands to shoot their questions in the Q&A session.
The conference hall is to have an interactive session with less number of audience compared to a keynote theatre. In the conference hall, the presenter can share their laptop screen with the audience to present related data.
The expo is mainly to socialize with other entrepreneurs and like-minded people. So we designed a dedicated place to relax and chat regarding your business ecosystem and enhance your business network. This is an additional place to collaborate apart from the lobby.
Features Project Time line
(Nov 15th)
(Feb 25th)
Platforms Desktop, web Desktop, Web, Mobile, VR
Communication 3D voice, video, chat 3D voice, video, chat
Meeting halls Basic Full Feature
Avatar SDK Basic Full Feature
Number of Floors 1 floor 10 floors + Auditorium
Maximum active Users 1000 5000+
User Geographic Limitation Regional International
Standing Charges Nil (With prior intimation we can make the application offline to avoid default charges, while the application not in use)

Booking for Non-Commercial Events

  • We have put a capping of 4 days per event to ensure that platform is available and beneficial for everybody.
  • By using the "Tentative Booking" feature, you can block the desired date slots for your event(s).
  • We charge a non-refundable 1$ fee to avoid unnecessary bookings.
  • We'll be charging a nominal fee of 9.99$ USD whilst doing “Confirm booking” to ensure the bookings are from legitimate parties.

  • ❝ Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved ❞

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