Sharing & Caring

❝ Love All Serve All ❞

Business is completely dependent upon the consumers and the consumers aren’t from a different planet or different species, all consumers are similar specious like who runs that business. In recent days we could see the business intension is more towards making money rather than providing the promised service or customer satisfaction and environment friendly.
Our Journey started in 1991 and we faced huge struggle to arrive this place with a huge experience of Dos and Don’ts we started the program titled as “SHARING & CARING” apart from our Clean energy projects. In SHARING AND CARING we are providing Digital solutions which will help entrepreneur to have a smooth ride in their journey.

❝ The Strongest People make time to help others, even if they are struggling with their own problems ❞

The Solutions we provide via Sharing and caring program is with the intention to provide quality service with affordable price and we treat clients as we want to be treated. Via sharing and caring program, we identify the GAP, pain points, obstacles and address it with the digital solution. Our digital solutions will benefit the society,enterprenuers and environment by SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE CO2 EMISSIONS.

Cyber Trade centre

Trade centre to host events for professional gathering in virtual world with real people. Since the existing 3D trade fair platforms are not affordable by SME & MSME events, we provide this intuitive, user-friendly platform for Free to NGOs ,.. charitable institutions and start-up mentoring and promotion events and charge only the server utilization fee for ROW(Rest of the Word) . Proud to share that we engaged ~30 developers to accomplish this within 2 months.

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Connection Hub

One stop suggestion engine for all your business Need. Its always being a pain point to identify the right partners at right time and there is always anxiety while working with new partners as well. We performed DUE diligence about each service provider.. listed in our connection hub and promising a quality and affordable service .CGLI will stand for with you in case of any malfunction and resolve the dispute to have seamless business relationship. And we are forming an NGO called “BE GOOD DO GOOD” to group all NGO’s and create a one-stop platform for people to get to know what are the NGO present and their functionality, via this corporates and fund them under section 80G and people can refer those NGO’s to get benefited.

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According to a SURVEY report in INDIA 79% of people purchase medicine directly from medical stores without doctor prescription or consultation for commonly known disease, so that we are working along with GOV, NGO’s, Pharma companies and.. DOCTORS to provide a digital platform with Free Doctor consultation and 50% discount in the medicine prices.

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Be Good Do Good

During the COVID-19 global crisis, unskilled and semi-skilled contract laborers in India were severely and disproportionally impacted. They lost their jobs and were stranded far from their homes, receiving little guidance or assistance on how.. to return to their families in an already stressful and uncertain time. To avoid this kind of insecure lifestyle of laborers, Our Be Good Do Good program joined hands with an NGO called “Annai Theresa Trust” to launch a manpower consultancy, via which we educate the importance of savings and insurance to daily wages contract laborers, so they can take control of their financial future and understand how insurance works for them in medical emergencies. And also assisting them to get placed in Good companies without any charges or commission. When we did a root cause analysis, we found that the majority of unskilled laborers are school dropouts, so we recruited nearly 20 candidates who are all school dropouts and 18+ from the southern part of India as an initiative and provided training in professional ethics & English (verbal & Oral communication). Our program also filled in knowledge gaps on other basic skills to give them confidence and competency to be successful in the job market. The end goal is to place these vulnerable day laborers in permanent employment where they can continue to be valuable members of the community while also gaining a sense of financial security and a passion to grow and give back. We are also nearing completion of our virtual portal where entrepreneurs can find and collaborate with NGOs to work on their social cause. We ask our clients and associate partners to help fund the participating NGOs, which in turn provides a tax benefit under section 80G.

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❝ Coming tohether is a beginning + Keeping together is progress + Working together is a success.. ❞